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Do you offer services for my business?


Yes! Microcom offers services for businesses of all shapes and sizes and we have programming packages and options fit the needs of your business and customer base.

The television providers that we offer to commercial customers are dish NETWORK and DIRECTV and here are some of the options available.

1.      DIRECTV & dish NETWORK:  Your business may fall into one of the following three categories Public Viewing, Business Viewing and Private viewing. Here are a few key points about each category.

a)      Public Viewing:  Bars, Lounges, Restaurants, Casinos, Coffee Shops and more.

-          Television viewing that is accessible to the general public.

-          Main source of revenue generated by food and beverage sales.

-          Drive customer traffic to your business and create an exciting atmosphere for customers and staff.

-          With a wide selection of programming including popular sports packages like the NFL Sunday Ticket, there is something available for any business and any customer.

b)      Business Viewing:  Auto Shops, Health Clubs, Banks, Salons, Waiting Areas and more.

-          Television viewing that is accessible to the general public.

-          Main source of revenue generated by the sale of goods, services and experiences.

-          Improve the overall customer experience for your customers by reducing the perceived wait time and creating an inviting atmosphere.

-          Reduce the burden on your staff while giving them an opportunity to up sell.

c)      Private Viewing:  Private Offices, Conference Rooms, Employee Break Rooms and Housing.

-          Television viewing accessible to employees only.

-          Improve your employee’s moral and productivity by creating an informative and entertaining work environment.

-          Keep your employees up to date with access to current events and breaking news.

*NOTE: Pricing may vary based on the programming and installation needs of your business. For a detailed price quote please contact a Microcom Sales Executive at (907) 474-3474.


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