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Where Do I Return My Satellite TV Receiver Box?



In the event that you have a receiver mailed to you for receiver replacement; Dish Network will require the customer to send back the old receiver. Once the new receiver has arrived at your home, follow the instructions below to send back the old equipment to Dish Network.  

    1. Package Old Receiver

      Package your old receiver using the box and protective packaging that your replacement receiver was sent in. Seal the box using shipping tape. Do not send back any remotes, remote antennas, cabling, or Over-The-Air modules.

    2. Attach Return Shipping Label
      1. Peel off the original shipping label using the red pull tab
      2. Turn the original shipping label over
      3. Peel off the yellow return shipping label to expose the adhesive side
      4. Apply the yellow return shipping label in the same place as the original label


  1. Drop Off Package at Shipping Location

    Check the return label to determine if you have to drop your package off at a FedEx or UPS location. For a listing of nearby drop-off locations, please visit or

    *Note: The company you received your package from may not be the company you will use to send your return package to DISH.


DirecTV requires all customers to schedule a service call for a defective receiver, the customer will troubleshoot with the agent and if needed a service call would be created for the customer.  At the time of the technician visit a determination will be made by the technician if receiver is defective in any way.  In the event the receiver is defective the receiver would be replaced by the technician and returned to DTV by the retailer who provided the technician. 

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