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DISH Network International Upgrade


If a customer wants International programming with DISH Network they must pay an upgrade fee. The international programming is on satellite 118.7 and requires a 1.0 meter antenna and a special dual LNB that can look at satellite 118.7 and 119 with one antenna. The upgrade charge is $150 and the customer will own their 118.7 antenna. If the customer ever moves to a new location, they need to bring the purchased antenna to the new location for re-install. Or will need to purchase another 118.7 antenna for $150. If the customer is wanting spanish for international it is on the 110 satellite for AK/HI and there is no upgrade cost for customer.

Steps for getting programming:

1- Customer must call into Microcom and order the 118.7 dish and pay off open balance of $150

2- Customer will call into DISH Network after the technician installs the 118.7 antenna to add the international package(s) to their programming. 

Interantional Programming Link:

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