Pioneering satellite communications since 1984.


Founded in 1984, we’ve focused on finding unique solutions to our customers’ diverse communications needs for over 30 years. Where others thought it couldn’t be done, Microcom forged ahead to develop new residential and small business satellite communication systems. 25 years ago, Microcom’s first focus was on building rural cable television systems in communities throughout Alaska. These satellite systems connected their communities to the world. Microcom’s unique methods of antenna construction and system design have met the test of the wide variety of geographical challenges we have encountered along the way.


At first, nobody thought home satellite technology could be available to Alaska & Hawaii, but Microcom proved it could be done and pioneered the first systems for use in Alaska. This has led to the growing number of direct-broadcast subscribers in Alaska and Hawaii today. Microcom directly influenced a key element of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which allowed the technology to develop in Alaska alongside the Lower 48, without restrictions on the larger antenna size required. Microcom worked directly with Congress to overcome obstacles to the success of this important, multichannel video programming service. Without Microcom’s direct participation, satellite technology in Alaska would not have achieved the level of success seen today.