Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see my movies in HD?

The premium movie channels will be available in SD primarily for AK/HI customers. You will be able to receive a selection of premium channels in HD: HBOE/300, HBOW/5545,·SHOE/318, SHOW/5544, STARZW/351, and·ENC/340. All additional HD channels will be located in the 5500 channel range.

Why cant I see my standard channels on my 722K?

Select menu-option 8 (Preferences) select option 1 (guide format). In the lower right hand corner of the screen will be Channel preferences, change the selection form HD only to HD and SD. This will enable you Standard channels and make them available in your “My channels” program guide list.

Why cant I see my HDPPV I ordered?

HDPPV will be available for AK/HI customers only on channels 516-522. All other PPV will have to be viewed in SD (standard definition).

Why can't I see the programming for today in my guide?

(for 211,222 receiver models) These model receivers are experiencing a software issue. The guide format only reflects 2 programs out from the current time. This issue is being worked on by DISH Network directly and cannot be resolved by replacing receiver due to it being a soft ware associated with the model.

Why do I have a 015/002 error message on my TV and why can't I see my picture?

In most cases you will need to select your Menu, option 1 (program guide) and then select a non HD channel. If you do not have an HD receiver then check to make sure all cables and connections are secure and reset your receiver. If··you still do not have a signal and there is nothing visibly blocking the lens on your DISH outside your home you will need to call 1-800-333-Dish (3474) to schedule a technician visit.

Why cant I see my Dish channels black/blue/snow screen, no error message?

TV1- Your TV1 should be on channels 3 or 4. Make sure cables and connections are secure. (Your TV remote should be used for this step if your DISH Network remote is not programmed to your TV). Select your Input/Source/TV/Video button and choose the selection that best suites how you are connected to your TV. eg: comp1/Vid1 if you are connected with yellow red and white component cables or HDMI1-2-3 if you are using an HDMI cable. TV2: Your TV2 should be on channels 60/73/116, select menu /settings and select··“Air” . Please remember that each TV is different and the name of the buttons may differ.

Why do I only get certain HD channels?

HD channels are located on the 129 satellite. And in Alaska and Hawaii we only receive a partial amount of signal on that Satellite called spot beams/transponders. These transponders are part of a Conus beam and based on our location (AK/HI) we are unable to catch the entire signal resulting in channel loss/black screens and error messages on particular HD channels.

Where can I find my HD channels if the one next to the SD does not work?

HD channels that will be available to AK/HI customers are located in the 5500/5400 channel range, For example: channel SD channel 401 (GOLF) will on HD channel 5528.

How do I install my DISH Network System?

Please click “Read More,” for instructions on how to install your DISH Network System. READ MORE+

How do I align my antenna?

You can visit to find out more information about your location.

What is the DISH Help Desk number?


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