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How to connect a VIP receiver to broadband


Using Ethernet cable:

Connect the Ethernet cable from the router to the receiver.

Using Wireless Adapter:

Step 1 : Connect the Wi-Fi Broadband Connector to the USB port on your receiver

Step 2 : Select Setup on the Attention 396 pop-up

Step 3 : Arrow to and select your desired network

Step 4 : Select Done

Step 5 : Enter your wireless network password

Step 6 : Select Done

Step 7 : Select Done on the Information pop-up

Step 8 : Select OK on the Information 397 pop-up


How to connect a Hopper to broadband


Using Ethernet cable:

Step 1: Connect the Ethernet cable from the router to the receiver

Using Wi-Fi with Internal Wireless.

Step 1 : Press the menu button

Step 2 : Press settings

Step 3 : Select Network setup

Step 4 : Select broadband

Step 5 : Select Wireless Setup

Step 6 : Select Wizard

Step 7 : Select your desired network from the list

Step 8 : Select Next

Step 9 : Enter your wireless network password (case sensitive).  If the network is not password protected, the Encryption Setup pop-up will not display.

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