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If you are moving and have DIRECTV service, you will want to take your receivers with you to your new address location. You are entitled to 1 free move/install per year – if you have had your service installed within the last 12 months, that would have been free and then you are not entitled to another free move/install until next year.

DIRECTV offers qualified customers a free move (with a 12 month service agreement) once per year, after they have had service for at least 12 consecutive months. This can be ordered by the Movers Connection department. More info available here: www.directv.com/DTVAPP/content/movers (see the link at the bottom for “Terms and Conditions”).

You may be quoted $149 to move your service if you have had a limited/short or negative account history (such as payments not being made on time). Exceptions are currently only made for military service members moving as a result of military orders.

The charge for your second and each additional move(s) in a rolling year can be up to $199. This is because the initial installation and each Movers Connection costs the company well over $300 and like Answerman said, it would be cost prohibitive to make it free every time.

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