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Please follow these steps for setting up the external hard drive for 612 and 722 receivers.

  1. Connect your External Hard Drive’s power cable into an electrical outlet. Then connect to the drive’s USB cable to one of the DISH receiver’s USB ports. If this is the first time you have connected the External Hard Drive to this receiver “Warning 865” should display on the TV screen asking to format the external hard drive. This will permanently delete all content that is saved on the external hard drive. Select “Yes” if you want to delete all of the content on the external hard drive.

    External hard drives formatted for use with a DISH receiver should only be used with a compatible DISH receiver. If you connect your external hard drive to a non-DISH device and then reconnect it to your DISH receiver you may lose anything saved to your external hard drive.
  2. “Warning 867” should display. Select “Yes” to continue. “Attention 869” should display 

  3. “Warning 873” should display. Once the external hard drive has been formatted, your DISH receiver should reset.

    You are now able to transfer recordings.

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