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Select “Menu” on the DISH remote

  • Using the arrow keys, scroll to option 8 for “Preferences” and hit “Select” on the remote
  • Now use the arrow keys to scroll to option 4 for “Updates” and hit “Select” on the remote
  • On this screen showing “Updates,” on the right side of the line shows the number of hours before the receiver goes into standby/inactivity
  • Use the arrow keys on the DISH remote to change it so it reflects “Disable”
  • Use the arrow keys to move over to “Save” and hit “Select”
  • You’re receiver will no longer disable after the length of time that was previous set.

If your receiver is still powering down, and it’s at random, call DISH at 800-333-3474 or Microcom Customer Service at 907-264-0052.

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