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  • Install the Key Correctly
  • Pull the remote battery cover off
  • Separate the key from the remote by inserting your thumbnail or coin in the crease. Remove the key by grasping at the bottom
  • Insert the key face up and slide into place
  • Change the UHF/IR; switch to IR
  • Insert 4 AAA batteries ensuring the + ends match
  • Replace the remote battery cover


  • Verify the UHF antenna is installed on the back of the receiver
  • Verify the UHF/IR switch is set to UHF
  • Turn on receiver and tv and press system info button on receiver ( usually on front of receiver could be located behind panel)
  • Confirm that you see the system info screen on your tv screen
  • Press record on your remote; the remote address will probably change on the screen
  • Confirm that your remote operates your receiver by pressing remote buttons
  • If your remote has a blue number 2 key you may nee to go to your tv2 location to confirm your remote operates your receiver; if this is not working return to the step where you press system info on your receiver and repeat remaining steps again.

*** CHANGING BETWEEN UHF AND IR USING THE UHF/IR SWITCH; All receiver models (except the ViP222, ViP222k, ViP622 DVR, ViP722 DVR or ViP722k DVR receivers) must use switch position IR or the remote will not control the receiver***

Your remote has a switch to change the type of signaling that your remote control uses. It comes preset to the UHF position, but if you have a clear line of sight to your receiver, you can change the setting to the IR position to eliminate the possibility of any other UHF remote control interfering with yours.


  • Remove the battery cover from the remote control.
  • Use a small screw driver or a paper clip to carefully change the setting.
  • Put the battery cover back on the remote control.
  • Use the SYSTEM INFO button on the front panel to open the System Information screen
  • Press RECORD on the remote control.
  • Make sure the remote address on the receivers System Information screen shows the correct information:
    • Switch Position UHF—IR/UHF
    • Switch Position IR—IR only

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