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High definition Information for Dish Network.

If you receive a 015(complete signal loss) or a 002 (partial signal loss) try these steps for a 722/211 receiver

There are a handful of premium movie channels (hbo, starz, show time, and cinemax) that Alaska and Hawaii do not receive due to Alaska and Hawaii only receiving spot beams off of the 129 conus. If you are unable to view the channel please try and view the show in standard definition. (We do receive channels 300, 340, 351, 352, 318, and 319 in high definition on the premium movie channels)

If your screen says 015 (complete signal loss) press the menu button on your satellite remote and select option 1 (program guide) and select another channel

If you are still experiencing signal loss please follow the steps bellow:

1) Unplug your receiver for 10 seconds, and then plug the receiver back in

*If this does not resolve the receiver issue please continue to step 2

2) make sure nothing is obstructing the satellite dish and that all connections are tight and secure

*if this does not resolve your receiver issue, please continue following the steps bellow

1) Press menu on your satellite remote

2) Go to option 8 (preferences)

3) Go to option 1 (guide format)

4) On the bottom right hand side, you will see where it says hd only and hd&sd, make sure setting is set to hd&sd

5) Go back to program guide and view the channel in high definition

*if this does not resolve your receiver issue please follow the next steps

1) Press menu on your satellite remote

2) Go to option 6 (system setup)

3) Go to option 1 (installation)

4) Go to option 1 (point dish)

5) Once you are at the point dish screen, on the right hand side select check switch

6) Make sure alternate is selected with a purple dot and that super dish is not selected (unless you have international packages)

7) Once the test is done running select done and cancel out of everything, and go back to the channel you were watching

8) you will now see where it says acquiring satellite signal (this may take up to 6 minutes) once you have acquired signal, it will then download the program guide (this may take up to 6 minutes)

9) If you are still having signal issues on only the hd channels, call dish and make sure you are hd enabled

10) Now you will be taken back to the channel you were watching, If you are still experiencing signal errors, please call dish network and make an appointment to have a technician come out.


Premium Movie Channels Dish Network Does Not Receive in High Definition

HBO2(e) – Channel 301               SHOTO – Channel 320               STARZ – Channel 350

HBOSG – Channel 302                 SHOEX – Channel 321                SCINE – Channel 353

HBO(W) – Channel 303                SBYNO – Channel 323               STZC – Channel 354

HBO2(W) – Channel 304              TMC-E – Channel 327                SBLCK – Channel 355 

HBOFM – Channel 305                 TMCXE – Channel 328                SK&FM – Channel 356

HBOCY – Channel 307                 FLIX – Channel 333 

HBOLT – Channel 309


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