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1) take the #2 remote to tv1
2) turn on tv #1 and bring up system info (either hit the system info button on the receiver, or hit menu on the #1 remotetwo times)
3) locate the line labeled “secondary remote address” and not the number in the white box to the right of it.
4) on the #2 remote, push and hold down the “sat” button until all the mode buttons at the top of the remote light up (takes between 5 – 10 seconds)
5) let got of the “sat” button, it should be blinking.
6) punch in any number between 1 and 16
7) hit the pound sign, the “sat” button’s blinking should pause and then blink 3 times if it accepted the number
8) hit the record button two or three times. The number in the white box by secondary remote address should have changed to the number you punched in.
9) exit out of system info, and test to see if the remote is working at tv #2

On a side note, if it does address, but still won’t work from the #2 location, may be looking at UHF interference

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