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For 612, 622, 722, 722K
  1. From Live TV, press the DVR button twice
  2. Select “My Media”
  3. Select the event to transfer back to receiver
  4. Select “Restore”

    “Attention 868” should display

For 922 or Hopper
  1. Press the MENU button on the remote

    The “Main Menu” screen should display

  2. Select “My Media Transfer”

    The “Transfer” screen should display

  3. Select “External Device 1”

  4. Select your receiver

  5. Select “Next”

    A list of available events to transfer should display

  6. Select the event to transfer to the receiver

    The selected event should show a check mark

  7. Select “Transfer”

    “Attention 1006” should display

  8. Select “Yes”

    “USB Device Transfer Progress 848” should display

  9. When the transfer is complete, “USB Device Transfer Complete 854” should display. Select “OK” to finish.

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